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Central Bank Intervention

Markets | Jul 25, 2019

Since the financial crisis in 2008-09, the investment landscape has been dominated by one theme: central bank intervention or, more precisely, zero interest rates and increased money supply. Broadly speaking, sovereign debt, credit and stocks globally have rallied significantly from 2009 levels. However, the wealth gap has widened in most…

Trade Wars: What’s the Point?

Markets | Jul 1, 2019

At the beginning of the year, an escalating trade war between the U.S. and China was noted as a risk to our outlook, which was that global economic growth is likely to remain positive in 2019, albeit at a much slower pace. Although we were initially pleased with the positive…

The Power of Zeros

Markets | May 30, 2019

It has been 10 years since stock markets bottomed in 2008-09 following the financial turmoil caused by excessive leverage. Since then, many central banks globally have reduced interest rates to zero and collectively injected over US$10 trillion dollars into the economy. If you are wondering how many zeros there are…

Sound Bites with Alfred Lam – Part II

Markets, Webcasts | May 14, 2019

You asked your questions, and Alfred answered!  Over the course of the last four weeks, we’ve compiled a number of common “what’s going on the world” questions that come out of our meetings with you – our clients.  We then asked an expert that we ourselves trust for his perspective…