Assante Approach

Our goal is to ensure our clients are “exceptionally well taken care of.” This mandate orients our thinking and directly influences the way we deliver advice to our clients: custom-tailored, highly-specialized, and extremely personable.

  • Know the Real Cost

    Know the Real Cost

    When most people think of costs, the first thing that usually comes to mind is a management fee. While we agree that this is one of the costs, in many cases, it may not be the highest. At Assante, a key part of our service is integrated wealth management. We do not believe you can review and create your investment strategy in isolation of the other components of your wealth, including tax planning, estate planning and risk management.

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  • Take Risks Worth Taking

    Take Risks Worth Taking

    In an ideal world, we would be able to earn significant investment returns with no risk. As we all know, this scenario does not exist. A more realistic alternative is to build a globally balanced portfolio, which reduces overall risk.

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  • Stay anchored in discipline

    Stay Anchored in Discipline

    When you first start implementing your investment strategy, one can sometimes be tempted to review the performance of the portfolio regularly in short-term intervals. The problem is that a portfolio, which is designed to achieve superior long-term returns, may not perform so well in the short-term. Indeed, the downside of short-term review is that it pits your emotions against your intellect.

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  • Seek Diversification

    Seek Diversification, Not Timing

    A key determinant in your long-term investment performance will likely be a result of the asset mix decision. Some will tell you (e.g. brokers, financial press, business show commentators) that success can come from timing - when to get in and out of the market, picking the right stock at the right time, and/or picking the next hot manager. While that all sounds great, we are afraid it just isn’t so. In fact it has been shown that these behaviours in many instances will actually reduce your overall rate of return.

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