Generally speaking, very few of us would consider ourselves philanthropists. That title is often reserved for the select few capable of building the new wing on the hospital or the billionaire seeking to eradicate malaria. However, the reality is that we’re all philanthropists – either strategically or sporadically – as we give of our time, talents and dollars.

Giving Changes Everything

We recognize that many of our clients have a desire to give back to the communities and causes that have been instrumental in their own lives. At the same time, we believe that strategic philanthropy should be meaningfully integrated with your Complete Wealth Plan. As a wealth advisory practice that has always had a philanthropic tilt, we strive to provide philanthropic support to our clients. Over the years, we've developed a toolbox of gifting solutions that are custom tailored to your specific charitable goals.

    Charitable Giving Solutions

  • Assante Charitable Giving Program (CGP) – The Charitable Giving Program helps clients establish a personalized charitable giving strategy that offers efficiency, control, tax savings and legacy. By using donor-advised funds, you invest, save and make donations to the causes that are most important to you. It’s like having your own charitable foundation, allowing you to establish a personal charitable giving strategy that offers the efficiency, control, tax savings, and legacy - all in one complete package.
  • Gift of Appreciated Securities – The donation of appreciated securities is a great way to leave a significant impact, while reaping some meaningful tax benefits. With the donation of appreciated securities, the CRA forgives any capital gains tax on the donated asset, while also allowing the charity to issue a Charitable Tax Receipt for the fair market value of the asset. A real win-win, and advantage over cash-based giving.
  • Gift of Life Insurance – Insurance can magnify your charitable impact in a number of ways. You could name a charity as beneficiary on your policy, or donate the ownership of an existing policy to charity. Others may wish for an insurance policy to replace the value of donated assets. We'll help you determine your best options and opportunities.
  • Gift of RRSP/RRIF/TFSA – When it comes to transferring wealth to the next generation, retirement funds are among the most heavily taxed assets. Registered plans roll tax-free over to a surviving spouse, but are taxed if they're transferred to children or next of kin, unless the child has a disability. Donating your RSP or RIF can be a tax-effective solution. By naming charity as the beneficiary of the account, you'll retain ownership and use of the account during your lifetime, receive a charitable tax receipt for the gifted portion of the plan upon your passing, avoid probate fees by having the assets removed from your estate, and reduce your overall estate taxes.
  • Gift from a Will – Your will is your final statement of values. And there is perhaps no stronger, simpler, or more powerful way to leave an impact. Leaving a gift in your will (often referred to as a bequest) allows you to leave a larger gift than would be possible during your lifetime, while still retaining control over your assets. You can leave a piece of property, securities, cash, or even a percentage of your estate. Your estate will receive a charitable tax receipt that can lower or even eliminate estate taxes.

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