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Questions People Ask

Can you meet virtually & work with people in other provinces?

Yes! People seek us out from many provinces because of our focus on retirement planning and tax planning.

Who is a good fit?

You're thinking about a upcoming retirement, or navigating a recent retirement. You're interested in paying the least amount of tax over your lifetime. You're unsure if your investment strategy should change now that you're close to or in retirement. You're finding your current advisor only ever talks about investments. Either your income and/or net worth are meaningful enough to benefit from our planning approach (we only want to take on work where we can move your needle).

Who is not a good fit?

You prefer searching for predictions and "hot stocks" instead of carefully managing controllables. You struggle delegating or building trust-based relationships. You'd rather wait until you're "closer to retirement" before you begin setting goals and preparing for tax efficient future income.