You care about your business and you care about your family. The counsel and coaching we provide with our training, professional partnerships, and experience can be a tremendous advantage in caring for both well.

Some of the common services we offer to support you and your family business are listed below.

Succession & Continuity Planning

The future matters to you. We help enterprising families navigate the complexities of multi-generational financial dynamics. There are many ways for you to plan for continuity in your business. As an owner, you’ll wonder how to handle the value, control and identity wrapped up in the ownership of your business. And at an operational level, how do you systematically ensure that the incoming generation or management model has the competencies needed for success? Let’s enter that process together to explore the best pathways and maximize the opportunities ahead.

Family Governance

They say good governance makes revolution unnecessary. It exists to help groups make decisions and communicate with one another. And communication in a family can make or break your business or relationships. Everyone longs to be seen and understood. We work with family units to educate and create practical processes that can create an environment where each person can feel honoured, valued, and “on the same page” regarding the family’s direction and values.

Leadership Development

People appreciate being given space to grow and tap into their potential. While this can be difficult when there are shifting roles and changing family structures, we work with families to ensure and maintain a measurable process for the next generation of leaders to be identified, empowered, and challenged.

Strategic Business Plan

Being blindsided is not something anyone appreciates. Our family enterprise advisory role aims to expand your perspective on the issues and opportunities families in business may encounter. We analyze where you are now and facilitate conversations to help you articulate where you want to be with your Family Enterprise.


What we measure, we get more of. This annual general meeting is where we review the Family Enterprise and get a picture of performance. We evaluate expectations and results of what has occurred, what is in progress, and what has yet to begin.