To ensure you’re taken care of, we hope you ask questions regularly throughout our relationship. But here are a few common ones people have that you might already have.

Should you work with us?

Why are you in the financial planning business in the first place?

For you to trust us with the things that matter most to you, it might help to know what has been driving us for over 30 years. And that story stretches back to 1988. We really believe that our past can be a resource for your future. We are a multi-generational business family that have taken the lessons learned from the wins and losses experienced with over 500 successful families and packaged these insights into comprehensive guidance for others. Our passion is to answer your money questions, and there’s no shortage of such questions! For more about us, read our story here.

Do I need a certain amount of money to be a client?

Currently we are accepting new households with a minimum of $1 million of investable assets. Most of those households have a pressing issue or transition that they’re facing (perhaps an upcoming retirement, sale of a business, inheritance, etc) and they feel they would benefit from the perspective of someone who has seen their situation before. We deliberately limit the number of new clients we take on every year to preserve our ability to care for our existing clients.

Do you have any exceptions if I’m under the minimum?

Absolutely. Our heartbeat is to help people answer their money questions and gain confidence in their financial plan. Let’s talk, and see what it will take to move your needle.

What things make you stand out in the financial planning business?

Financial planning is our heartbeat. But caring for people amidst the significant events of their lives and of our world is the foundation of that practical expression. We host client events, develop accessible resources, prioritize effective communication, and have been thrilled as members of our team are recognized as being one of Canada’s Top Wealth Advisors: Best in Province 2022 from The Globe & Mail (Steve Willems).

I don’t live in Abbotsford; does it work to be a client?

Our team has been caring for individuals, families, and businesses across Western Canada for over 30 years (long before Zoom was even a dream). So now with modern technology, our out of town clients experience high-touch virtual care from all members of our team. Let’s chat about what works best for you!

What qualifications do you have?

Every one of our advisors brings a unique mix of personality, life experience, client care history, and professional training and partnerships to the table. From family enterprise specialists to professional accountants, to CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER professionals, we have deliberately assembled a multidisciplinary team to comprehensively wrap expertise around your situation. Find out more here.

What is it like to work with us?

What services do you offer?

We say it all the time: “we want to ensure our clients are exceptionally well taken care of”. Our experienced and comprehensive guidance in financial advice is the primary way we’re passionate about caring for you. There’s a brief list of what you can find on our website below, but our partnerships and skill sets have a broad reach, and we’d love to chat if there’s a specific service you’re looking for.

  • Goal Setting
  • Retirement Planning & Financial Independence
  • Estate Planning
  • Business Compensation Planning
  • Family Enterprise Advisory
  • Wealth Transfer
  • Risk Management
  • Investment Advice & Management
  • Strategic Philanthropy
  • Life Change Assistance
It’s not easy for me to ask for help. What can I expect from your “bedside manner”?

It’s normal to feel awkward about your questions and circumstances. Most of us were never taught how to talk about money. But, it’s important to believe that we want the same thing: your financial wellbeing! Without creating confusion or shame, we’ll do our best to help you believe that in every conversation.

I feel like most of your clients are probably in a different league than I am. Are you the best fit for my situation?

Our clients have a massively wide range of financial education and experience which motivates us to thoroughly tailor our delivery to meet specific individual needs. We also initiate every new relationship with a deliberate Values Discovery process to learn about what drives you and how you make decisions.

Can I get another client’s opinion of your services?

The best reference to our services for your life is: your own. However, you can listen in as some of our clients share their experiences, and also consider the professional recognition we’ve received from third parties like the Globe & Mail, Wealth Professional Magazine, and more here.

You have many people on the team. Who will I work with? Will I need to explain myself again and again like at the bank?

We deliberately and strategically pair members of our team with clients in order to maximize impact. We work as a team. One planner takes primary, another takes secondary. All team members are kept up to speed on big things in clients lives via our weekly Team Huddle. Our hope is to make sure you feel like you’re comprehensively served and never have to feel like you’re restarting a new relationship.

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