Steve Willems abbotsford

Meet Steve Willems

CFP ®, BA, Wealth Advisor
Assante Financial Management Ltd.

Refining the Client Experience

Steve enjoys bringing a creative component to the team. He is able to leverage his experience in digital marketing to deliver a cohesive experience in every part of the business. From booking client meetings through to helping clients check their account balances online, to the types and ways we engage with clients throughout the year, Steve takes on the task of ensuring that all elements of the client experience are geared towards simplifying and enhancing the lives of our clients.

One of Steve’s more recent hobbies is woodworking. Naturally, he has found that the task so often requires a high degree of precision and attention to detail. Steve sees a strong correlation between those same attributes within the context of client relationships. Just as a fine craftsman works to produce pieces of the highest quality, so too does Steve attempt to bring that same level of care and detail to the clients he meets.

Lifelong Learning

Personally and professionally, Steve wants to know “the answer”. He is a lifelong learner. When he comes across new situations, he is wired to want to provide valuable feedback for whomever he is working with. He’s been told he’s been this way from day one. Steve loves solving problems for people and will work to find a solution. As the newest member of the Willems Wealth Planning Group team, he is invigorated by seeing the material impact the team has in the lives of our clients.

Stepping into the Family Business

Having been raised with the knowledge of the “family business”, Steve was offered a unique perspective of seeing what the day-to-day life of a financial planner looked like. As a young lad at the time, Steve’s first impressions were, “OK, my Dad seems to know everyone, and he seems to talk to people about their money for his job”. He always knew he would want to provide some type of advice long term for his own personal career, but he wasn’t sure of the exact path and destination that would take.

Upon post secondary graduation, Steve began working with a leading digital marketing agency, and following a few years of experience, he learned a lot about his own abilities both inside outside of that business. The evolution of Steve’s career inevitably brought him full circle back to the family business. Steve now observes the parallels between these worlds of marketing and personal finance: the need for clarity, the call to action for attaining client’s goals and objectives, and the high touch, relational elements that have the potential to last a lifetime.

Meaningful Work

As a Certified Financial Planner ®, Steve finds his work meaningful because he’s working with people, providing advice in one of the most sensitive, important, or private area of their lives. Often their personal finances are something that are held very close. In his role within the team, he has the opportunity to help guide clients in the right direction. Over time he has seen these relationships grow into something a lot more meaningful than first expected.

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