Wealth Management

The needs of high net worth individuals have changed, and unfortunately the old style advisor is no longer synchronized with this new style of wealth. Our clients are looking for comprehensive wealth planning that addresses the robust demands of successful wealth accumulation and wealth transfer.

Guiding Principles

At the centre of who we are is a profound desire to help people – a belief that has held strong since our inception. Everything we do is influenced by this. As an extension, we believe the following to be important outcomes within our role as wealth management professionals.

  • Provide Peace of Mind
  • Build the Right Strategy
  • Help Avoid the Big Mistake
  • Maximize Tax Planning Opportunities
  • Plan for the Expected, and the Unexpected
  • Create Good Inheritors

Wealth Planning
Corporate &
Personal Tax

How we do it

Your wealth didn’t come easy. It was the result of hard work, discipline and smart management. Surprisingly, maintaining that wealth can also provide its own set of unique challenges. To manage this complexity, we take a complete approach, looking at all of your financial affairs from a wider perspective. We work to identify the plan and process that suits your needs, and where necessary, coordinate with accountants and lawyers to ensure it’s successful implementation.

Starting with the right strategy

Strategic wealth planning is not just about investments. Sure, they play an important role in implementing your plan for a successful financial future, but strategic wealth planning is about so much more.

It is about you and discovering what matters by engaging in discussions around your needs, priorities, goals and aspirations. Strategic wealth planning can help you define what you want your legacy to be for your family, your business, or your favourite charitable cause.

It can help you to keep more of what you have by minimizing taxes, and anticipating unexpected events that can occur along the way.

Bench strength and actionable planning

Our team oversees all aspects of your strategic wealth planning. But it’s important to know that we are not alone in this endeavour.

After gaining a thorough understanding of your needs, we can draw on additional expert advice through the Wealth Planning Group*, made up of investment analysts, accountants, lawyers and estate planning consultants to deliver a tailor-made plan. Drawing on the expertise of this group, we develop detailed wealth plans and reports incorporating financial planning and risk management strategies, tax planning strategies, and wealth transfer strategies to solve estate planning and succession issues. And to help ensure that you stay on track to achieve your goals, we work with you and your existing professionals to implement and adjust your plan to address the evolving needs of you and your family.

    Planning Tools

  • Financial Snapshot – provides you with a high-level overview of your financial resources and their ability to meet lifestyle objectives.
  • Estate Plan – provides a comprehensive analysis of your final intentions and offers suggestions about wealth transfer strategies, executor designations, and will specifics, all to ensure that your wishes are carried out upon death in a tax efficient manner.
  • Financial Plan – a simple yet comprehensive picture of your current wealth scenario. This plan will provide clarity for the future and answer questions that may arise if your circumstances change.
  • Wealth Planning Report – comprehensive reporting process that addresses sufficiency of financial resources to support lifestyle goals and objectives and provides detailed, customized tax and financial strategies and wealth transfer strategies.
* With access to a wealth of tools and resources, Assante advisors and their clients are supported by the exceptional investment management team and wealth planning group available through our sister company, CI Investments Inc., and Assante Private Client, a division of CI Private Counsel LP.