Ideas for focused results in a distracted world by Brad Willems

Our world is full of noise. From the talking heads on business television to the water-cooler conversations at work, our information age has given everyone a voice. Very little is actually valuable information, and even less is wisdom - the stuff that actually matters to you and I.

The reality is this - success rarely comes simply. There's no easy prescription. In fact, more often than not, it comes as a result of hard work. There's no shortcuts. When you possess that quiet determination to stick to a course once decided on, when you understand that there are no shortcuts to success in this life, and when you’re prepared to do the work that most people aren’t prepared to do, your success is virtually guaranteed!

Inside You'll Learn...

  • Why “grit” is crucial to your success in life,
  • Five investment mistakes (almost) everybody makes,
  • Six tips for big impact giving,
  • A foolproof approach to living within your means,
  • The three ways we all acquire experience,
  • When to stick with the herd… or not,
  • How 9/11 changed my perspective on investing,
  • The essential ingredient to controlling spending,
  • And much more…
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What Others are Saying

“I have always respected Brad Willems as a man of integrity and conscience. He “walks the road he talks about”. If we truly concern ourselves with the idea of what we want our epitaph in this world to be, this book lays out practical steps to truly leaving a lasting legacy to our family and others in this world. No Shortcuts lays out principles to get there.”

~ William (Bill) Blaney
Former Executive Director & CEO, Global Aid Network Canada

“Straightforward advice for absolutely everybody regarding strategy, success and significance from a man who walks it like he talks it! In “No Shortcuts” Brad uses examples from his own life and the lives of others to communicate a common-sense approach to life choices about grit, goals, gains and giving that will resonate with both those searching for success and those who have already achieved it. A book that must first be read and then immediately turned into a road map for life!”

~ Shannon Stewart
Vice President, Savvy Management Group Inc.

“Brad has provided an inspirational and very personal perspective on success, however we may define that as individuals. As he leads us through many of his personal experiences, he lays a framework for us to ask ourselves “why” we want to achieve our goals – personal and financial – and only then does he set the framework for how to go about this. His years of experience help provide time-tested approaches to personal, professional and financial success.”

~ Steve Donald, FCPA, FCA
Former President, Assante Wealth Management

“This is not just another book on finances for the bookstore shelves. Brad Willems has given us a personal, readable, clear, and practical guidebook on managing one’s finances. The principles which Brad promotes make great sense and have been proven over time. However, perhaps the most significant contribution that Brad makes relates to philanthropy. When stewardship and generosity go together society is enriched.”

~ Dr. Michael Pawalke
President, Briercrest College & Seminary

“I thought, “No Shortcuts“, was going to be about the world of personal finance and how to improve my own financial situation. It was, but as I was reading I soon realized that this book is about much more than money. Brad has given us ideas and concepts that will not only help achieve financial success but more importantly help to improve our own personal development and personal relationships with others. Written in a clear and concise manner, this book serves a handy future guide.”

~ Doug Siemens
President, Siemens Transportation Group

About the Author

Brad Willems is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER professional and a recognized financial educator and speaker, having appeared on Global TV and PBS, where he has discussed a variety of topics and planning initiatives available to Canadian families.

For over 30 years, he has been helping Canadian families achieve clarity with their goals, while assisting them in making a significant difference in the lives of future generations. He has served on a number of charitable boards including the Abbotsford Airport Authority, his local church, and Briercrest College & Seminary.

Brad is also a founding member of the Abbotsford Estate Planning Council and is currently a member of the Canadian Association of Gift Planners. His passion is to help purposefully redirect every possible dollar to the organizations that make our world a better place. A father of two and grandfather of three, Brad lives with his wife, Donna, in Abbotsford, British Columbia.

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