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Video interview with Steve Willems and Randy Dyck

A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood: Interview with Randy Dyck

Webcasts | Apr 1, 2021

Real estate has been a hot topic in the months following the pandemic inception in March 2020. Locally, real estate supply has dried up pushing prices up higher than ever expected. To seek some perspective, Steve Willems sits down with Randy Dyck, Team Lead of Eximus Real Estate Team, eXp…

Portfolio Construction: A New Season

A New Season

Markets | Mar 31, 2021

What Opportunities are Driving Renewed Investor Optimism? Spring has sprung! While this spring may not have the usual fever, the potential for a normal summer or fall is improving as over 300 million vaccine doses have been administered globally. In terms of your investments, our portfolios have generally done well…

Recent Wealth Matters Webcast

Webcasts | Mar 5, 2021

Weren’t able to attend our most recent webcast? A playback is now available for you to hear market and product insights from CI Global Asset Management (CI GAM), including: The key to cutting through the noise of COVID-19 to find growth opportunities What impact vaccinations could have on fiscal policy…

Trending for the Long Term: Portfolio Construction

Trending for the Long Term

Markets | Mar 2, 2021

Market activity in the past few weeks has reminded us of the dangers of speculation. A small number of early investors make vast profits at the expense of a much larger number of late entrants who end up losing their shirts. Our philosophy has always been to look beyond the…