Tax Time for Retirees: Tips to Make the Process a Breeze

Wealth Planning | Mar 28, 2024

Tax season can be a stressful time for many, but for retirees it can be even more overwhelming. With a variety of income sources and potential deductions, it’s important to…

2023 canadian tax filing updates

Key Updates for Canada’s 2023 Tax Filing Season – What You Need to Know

Wealth Planning | Feb 15, 2024

Tax season is upon us, and this year brings a slew of changes you’ll want to be on top of to avoid any surprises. From thinner income tax packages to…

2024 trust reporting requirements

Navigating the New Trust Reporting Requirements in Canada

Wealth Planning | Feb 1, 2024

New rules aimed at providing more transparency on beneficial ownership of assets now require that more trusts (and estates) file tax returns. These changes will catch many individuals and businesses…

The Illusion of Control: How We Can Be Our Own Worst Enemy in Investing

Wealth Planning | Jan 30, 2024

As humans, we have a strong desire for control and certainty. We want to understand the world around us, and we want to be able to predict and control the…