Congratulations Steve Willems – Winner of Wealth Professional’s Rising Star 2022 Award

Community | Nov 25, 2022

We are thrilled to announce Steve Willems has been named a winner of the Wealth Professional’s Rising Stars 2022 award.  Each year Wealth Professional recognizes under 35-year-olds talents who can…

What’s After the Storm?

Markets | Aug 9, 2022

We have spent enough time discussing the immediate challenges in the markets. Investors should not lose sight of the long-term opportunities ahead. 1. Interest rates will be lower than normal….

It’s a Tougher Game when Central Banks Turn Hawkish

Markets | Jun 29, 2022

Market performance Last five days (6/7/2022) 2022 high (1/3/2022) Year-to-date (12/31/2021) COVID Low (3/23/2020) Pre-COVID High (2/19/2020) S&P 500 Index -10.2% -22.1% -21.6% 67.0% 10.3% Source: Bloomberg Finance LP, as…

Declines All Around, but Opportunities to Be Had

Markets | Jun 3, 2022

So far, 2022 has presented a difficult market to invest in, with significant declines in both bonds and equities. The biggest concerns have been central banks beginning to raise interest…