Brad Willems

For Brad, financial planning is more than numbers. It’s about solving problems within the context of great relationships.

The Value of Real Relationship

With more than 30 years of experience in the industry, Brad loves maintaining long-term relationships with his clients. Over this extended period of time, Brad has engaged deeply with his clients, continuing to solve problems and working through real issues. Naturally, the strength of these relationships also results in an unshakable trust – something Brad doesn’t take lightly.

Brad loves being able to look back at a financial plan that was put in place over 10 years earlier and seeing that the clients are right on track.

Personally, Brad is a natural “connector” – he loves meeting new people who have very interesting, unique financial planning opportunities that really need a quarterback. After over a quarter century of building trust-based relationships, Brad still thrives on meeting new people, creating opportunities to use the skills and expertise developed over the years and applying it for the benefit of his clients.

Small Town Roots

Having been raised on a farm in small town Saskatchewan, Brad was brought up with an inherently strong work ethic and an understanding of the importance of relationships. In that environment, everyone helped everyone else out because they only had one another. That mentality has formed the basis of Brad’s business structure – a team environment focused around solving client needs.

Helping Friends Solve Problems

After college, Brad worked in retail, and during his time there, was fascinated with financial planning and the investment market. His interest had been sparked and so he pursued this as a hobby, studying, learning and participating in a whole variety of investment concepts. As his knowledge grew, his co-workers started to recognize his gift and began asking questions about their own personal situations, seeking recommendations and advice that might help improve their situations. After several years of fielding their questions, Brad realized that this was a career that was just waiting for him to enter, and so he started the formal training to transition into the financial services industry.

Taking Inspiration from Sport

With active involvement both in playing and coaching sports his entire life, Brad has learned many lessons that apply to his role as a wealth advisor. From a team perspective, he understands that everyone on the team is important and everyone has a specific role. If anyone isn’t doing his or her job, the whole team loses. But when everyone is doing their role perfectly, a team can have great success in accomplishing their objectives.

Further, participation in individual sports has taught Brad that he is still accountable for his own actions. He can’t hide behind other people. As a result, he takes great responsibility for ensuring exceptional client care.

A Broad Base of Experience

Having been a small business owner for almost 30 years, Brad understands what small business owners are going through. He has a broad yet unique experience base from the things that he’s done in his career that really separates him from most other financial advisors. From real estate development to funding small business, this broad experience allows him to add a unique perspective and knowledge to his client conversations.

Results and Industry Recognition

Brad has realized that his defining skill is bringing clarity to his clients’ individual situations, and providing a simplified solution that they can then act upon. This has led to a practice that has gradually shifted to be more focused on serving the evolving needs of higher net worth business owners and professional clients who have more complex financial planning needs.

Along the way, this growth has led to national recognition. Brad has been featured as a guest on a nationally syndicated television show airing on Global TV and PBS as well as serving as former National Council Member and current Vice President and Chairman's Council Elite recipient with Assante Wealth Management.

Core to Brad’s belief is his desire to give back to his community. By being very involved in the non-profit space over the years and serving on various boards in high-level leadership capacities, Brad has seen first-hand the impact of worthwhile causes on the larger community. Instinctively, he often seeks out opportunities to foster charitably minded principles in the lives of his clients.

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