Assante launches new Charitable Giving Program

Many Canadians choose to make an impact each year by donating their time, expertise, or though monetary donations — there are many reasons and ways to give, and the decision is often personal. As a wealth advisory practice that has always had a philanthropic tilt, we strive to provide philanthropic support to our clients.  The difference now is that there is a formalized program allowing clients to incorporate philanthropic giving into their overall wealth plan.

The Charitable Giving Program helps clients establish a personalized charitable giving strategy that offers efficiency, control, tax savings and legacy. By using donor-advised funds, you invest, save and make donations to the causes that are most important to you — it’s like having your own charitable foundation.

It’s like having your own charitable foundation

Through our program, we can help you establish a personalized charitable giving strategy that offers:

  • Efficiency – Achieve all the financial advantages, tax benefits and personal satisfaction that come from establishing your own charitable foundation, with significantly less cost and complexity.
  • Control – While the program takes care of the intricacies, you recommend how you would like your donation to be allocated and, with the guidance of your Assante advisor, how the assets should be managed. In addition, you’ll get regular and measurable feedback on the positive impact of your gift.
  • Tax savings – You’ll be issued a tax receipt any time you donate cash or publicly-listed securities. Plus, when you donate securities, the tax liability typically associated with the realization of accrued capital gains may be avoided.
  • Legacy – Your philanthropic strategy can play an important role in the legacy of your overall wealth management plan. Name a beneficiary to the fund in your will, donate an RRSP or RRIF, transfer a paid-up life insurance policy, or get family, friends and colleagues involved in your cause.

Click here to learn more about the Charitable Giving Program. Or contact us to learn more — we’re always here to help!