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As a Top 8 Academic All Canadian student athlete at Trinity Western University and National Team athlete, I demonstrated a strong work ethic and high performance that I initially took into a career as an entrepreneur. I’ve started five businesses, but in 2008 I started taking professional courses for trading stock and currency. I invested a significant amount of time into learning how financial markets work.

During this time, my passion was evident and many began to seek my advice on their financial futures. This culmination of experience led me to a career as a Financial Planner. In 2013, I was licenced as a registered representative to sell securities. In 2015, I earned a post graduate certificate in Financial Management from Cornell University. In 2016, my passion for learning and finances led me to earn an MBA with a focus in finance.

How Can I Help You?


The Right Coverage - Understand exactly what coverage you need, and what you don’t. Get a second opinion so you can rest assured you are protected without overpaying.

Income and Asset Protection - Strategies for ensuring your assets remain with your family, and that your family maintains their lifestyle when it’s most needed.

Identifying Risks - Remove blind spots and guide you in selecting an appropriate strategy for risk management.

Buy and Sell Agreements - If you own your company, what happens when you or a business partner meet an untimely end? I can help you protect your legacy and family.

Critical illness and Long-Term Care - Plan ahead to mitigate financial stress triggered by health events.

Mortgage insurance - It’s important to consider your options for mortgage insurance, especially if it’s provided by your lender.

Wealth Management

The most common question I hear when it comes to planning for your financial future is, “will I have enough? To plan, you need a trusted partner that understands your unique situation. I can help you:

Create a Financial Plan For The Future - Do you know how to reach your financial goals? I’ll help you get there, even if the unexpected happens.

Income Strategies - Even in an unreliable market, I'll help you ensure you draw a reliable income.

Comprehensive Investment Strategies - I’ll oversee everything from asset allocation to alternative investments, currency hedging, tax optimization, rebalancing, and active oversight.

Tax Efficiency - From probate planning to tax advantaged account structures, I'll protect your wealth from over taxation.

Trust, Will and Estate Planning - Achieve peace of mind, knowing that everything will be taken care of as per your wishes when you're no longer here.

Relationships built on trust

All great relationships are built on trust, and that includes the relationship between you and the person managing your financial future. I work closely with my clients to earn their trust, I value relationships anchored in integrity, and I will always strive to provide the peace of mind you need for your future.

How we’ll work together

I’ll work with you to build a plan for financial well-being, and will hold you accountable to it. As your trusted partner, I will also ensure that you have access to a large team of distinguished professionals who will enable you to achieve your goals and will prioritize your values.

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