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The Team's Swiss Army Knife

Flashback over 20 years ago and you'd find Debbie working in the deli department of a local grocery store. Young and ambitious, Debbie was looking for a job with better long-term prospects - something that challenged her and provided her an opportunity to grow on into the future.

Debbie got her start with Assante in 2000, initially assisting another advisor as his assistant while also working as the branch receptionist. Two years later, she transitioned to take on additional responsibility, helping in the processing and settlement departments of the branch. Fast forward to today, and Debbie has become the Swiss Army knife of the team, well-versed in many areas of the practice and equipped to handle most anything that's thrown her way. Her years of experience have been increasingly valuable as she works with clients to ensure their full satisfaction.

Debbie finds joy in being able to help clients, answering their questions and building a relationship with them. Within the context of the Willems Wealth Planning Group team, she finds that the collaborative nature of our work leads to significant benefits for the clients - a synergy that she hasn't seen elsewhere.

Personal Pursuits

Since those early days, Debbie got married, started a family with her husband Rob, and has played an active role in her community. As an avid runner having completed nine half-marathons, Debbie enjoys promoting the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, acting as an ambassador within her circle of influence. Outside of her local community, Debbie has also enjoyed participating in a number of charitable causes overseas, helping build homes and deliver food hampers for families in Brazil.