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Will higher inflation lead to higher returns?

Will Higher Inflation Lead to Higher Returns?

Markets | Nov 26, 2021

A lot of you may have noticed that some of your favourite products and services have become more expensive, or even out-of-stock. These are the side effects of central bank…

Energy Gridlock: The Sign of Economic Slowdown?

Markets | Nov 4, 2021

Global energy issues have caught investors’ attention over the past month. China is rationing electricity, power plants in India are running out of coal and Europeans are paying sky-high prices…

The Case for Equities

The Case for Equities

Markets | Oct 15, 2021

As we entered the second half of 2021, investors were focused on three main concerns: The COVID-19 Delta variant Peak growth rates, money supply and valuations The easing of government…

What's driving the economic recovery

What’s Driving the Economic Recovery?

Markets | Sep 7, 2021

Now past the halfway point of 2021, we’d like to review what drove performance in the first two quarters – and what areas struggled to keep up – as well…