Steve Willems April 1, 2021 Webcasts
Video interview with Steve Willems and Randy Dyck

A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood: Interview with Randy Dyck

Real estate has been a hot topic in the months following the pandemic inception in March 2020. Locally, real estate supply has dried up pushing prices up higher than ever expected. To seek some perspective, Steve Willems sits down with Randy Dyck, Team Lead of Eximus Real Estate Team, eXp Realty for his insights on this confluence of events.

In this video, you will hear:

  • If hot real estate market is unique to the Fraser Valley (0m 50s)
  • What are the drivers and influencers behind this demand for residential real estate (1m 45s)
  • How connectivity has fuelled the “work from home” movement (2m 55s)
  • How pent up savings has pushed up prices (3m 22s)
  • How to prepare if you’re considering downsizing soon (4m 44s) and where pockets of value still exist (5m 51s)
  • What real estate investors should do to adapt to the changes (7m 13s)
  • Tips for up-sizers, millennials, and first time home buyers (8m 44s)
  • Why Randy thinks the market may settle in for “a breather” in the months to come (10m)