Steve Willems April 28, 2020 Webcasts

Dealing with Debt: Interview with Denise Carroll-McLean

The COVID-19 crisis has forced many families into a precarious cash flow position, forcing a necessary review of their current debt service obligations.  In this conversation, Steve Willems interviews Denise Carroll-McLean, Mortgage Expert with Dream Approved Mortgages  – for her perspectives on what opportunities exist for households in dealing with their debt.

In this video, you will hear:

  • What changes have occurred in the last month regarding fixed and variable rate mortgages (1.12)
  • Three things that every young family should be looking to do (3:13)
  • The risks of predatory second mortgage products to be aware of (5:36)
  • About the staggering spikes (and benefits of) payment deferral programs (7.29)
  • Cash flow strategies for landlords of multiple properties, where tenants are not making timely payment (9.20)
  • An easy win with adjustments to payment frequency (12.22)
  • How to see outside the fishbowl with a third party objective review (12.43)