Steve Willems April 20, 2020 Webcasts

Giving Crisis New Meaning: Interview with Tom Berekoff

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected every sphere of personal, social and professional life, and the non-profit sector is no exception. In this conversation, Brad Willems interviews Tom Berekoff, Founder of tpb strategic counsel – for his perspective on how donors can respond and participate in crafting solutions to today’s challenging times.

In this video, you will hear:

  • The role of guilt in philanthropy through crisis (0.46)
  • How to view generosity in a season like this, as a donor? (1.49)
  • How to become more disciplined in our charitable practices (4.36)
  • Why the non-profit sector will innovate their way out of this crisis (7.14)
  • Ways that our Assante Abbotsford office is coming alongside local causes like Big Brothers Big Sisters and the Abbotsford Community Foundation (8.57)
  • The three big questions every donor should be asking right now (12.01)