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Weekly Update: March 23, 2020

As a follow up to last week’s communication, we wanted to make you aware of the three ways to connect with us this week.

1) State of the Markets Web Calls

Join us for a brief 30 minute Zoom Web Conference Call where we will share recent insights we’re hearing from portfolio management teams, and/or stories from the past that we’ve been reflecting on that seem particularly relevant today. The sessions will be led by Brad Willems and/or Steve Willems and will provide a platform to take your questions and engage in dialogue as a group.

2) Wealth Matters Conference Calls

These calls piggyback on our broader Assante network across Canada and will bring in CI Investments’ top portfolio managers for direct access to client questions. A summary of the call can always be made available if you are unable to join the live call. This week we will hear from Marchello Holditch, Vice President at CI Multi-Asset Management and Sean Etherington, President at Assante Wealth Management.

Call Details

  • Toll-free (Canada/U.S.): 1-800-806-5484 / Participant passcode: 3729077#

Listen to the Replay

3) Book a Virtual Review

Our Assante Abbotsford Branch has officially closed as of Thursday, March 19, 2020. As such, there will be no face to face meetings. However, virtual meetings can be booked at your convenience directly with Brad or Steve through the following links:

Book a Virtual Review with Brad

Book a Virtual Review with Steve

Next week, we will be interviewing a client family who also happens to be a PhD and Registered Clinical Counselor. In our discussion, we’ll look at the intersection of health and wealth, with a view to help equip you with resources to see you through this season. Look for that video to arrive next week.

Our team is here to support you. We may be working from home and you may hear Steve’s three toddlers yelling in the background, or Lorraine’s coffee grinder working away, but we’re here for you and will continue to do our best to help support good decision making in this difficult time.

Take care & talk soon,



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