Steve Willems November 6, 2020 Webcasts
State of the Markets Webinar Series from Brad & Steve Willems

What’s on Your Mind?

As Wealth Advisors, our team is always looking for ways to help bring clarity amidst confusion, and to ultimately help you focus on the critical intersection of 1) things that matter and 2) things that you can control.

Ever since 2008, one of our staple events has been our State of the Markets Seminar Series, where we gather 3-4 groups of twenty people and discuss common themes that we’re seeing in the markets. In the middle of March, we re-booted an online version of that event, reoccurring on a weekly basis while the pandemic was shuttering entire sectors of the economy.  As we come now into November, we unfortunately won’t be gathering as a group in our boardroom.

Instead, we’ve listened, studied, and produced four videos which align with the most common questions we’ve heard from our clients over the past month. We hope you find these valuable.

As always, reach out if you have any questions.

The Winners, the Losers, and the Speculators

Why 2020 is Giving us Flashbacks to 1987?

How Diversification Almost Always Makes You Feel Silly

How will the U.S. Election Affect my Wealth?